4:03 PM

Public assistance sought to trace bike

The Police is seeking public assistance in tracing the blue colour Hero Honda 100CC motor bike bearing WP UD 2643 which is believed to be used for terrorists activities in the South.

The public is requested to contact the Police on the following numbers to provide any details with regard to this suspected bike: 0112662311, 0112662323, 0112685151. The Police Department is offering a reward of Rs. 1 million to anyone providing a credible clue that could lead to the arrest of the person or persons using this bike.

4:01 PM

Intelligence leader for Trincomalee south killed

Sri Lanka army soldiers have gunned down the LTTE intelligence wing leader of the Trincomalee South region at Manachchena, 2 km North of Pahala Thopoor this morning (June 19). According to the defence sources in the area, the terrorist identified as Soundarajan alias Thangan has been hunted down by soldiers whilst being engaged in a cordon and search operation around 9.30 am.

Soundarajan was the successor of Arichchellwam who was also gunned down by army in January this year. A micro pistol, 3 magazines and a pistol pouch have been found in the possession of the slain terror leader.The sources further revealed, that the slain terror leader was the head of the special LTTE team sent to the east to disrupt the prevailing normalcy in the area.

Source: www.defence.lk

8:46 AM

Pongku Tamil is finished in Italy

The hoisting of the Eelam falg at Milan was shown on the National Television of Itlay Rai Uno One, but this time there were no adulations about the oppressed Tamil people or of the illusory goal of Prabahkaran’s Eelam, but the TV commentator described the flag as the most dangerous flag symbolizes the most dangerous terrorist outfit of the world. Also announced that under the direction of the Interior Ministry, the anti terrorist outfit has swooped down in the wee hours in the morning and arrested 33 suspect of the LTTE.

The Tamilnet official organ of the LTTE announced with rejoice the manner in which the Tamils hoisted the Tiger flag in Milan, and the city with nearly 25000 Sinhalese could not resist the power of the Tamils diaspora and it also said representative of the government with about 30 others were present, but unable to do any meaningful thing to stop the meeting.

According to reports, the Sri Lanka Embassy received a call from the Tamil from the province of Reggimillia who pleaded with the Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to take steps to stop this meeting. He also said that his only daughter was forced to attend this meeting and also the LTTE collected money from them

The Sri Lanka Ambassador then spoke to the commune which has granted permission for the meeting and was informed that the permission was granted to one of the Tamil Associations registered in Reggi millia who has sought permission to hold a meeting of the alleged human rights violations in Sri Lanka. Therefore they said that they found that there was nothing wrong in granting permission.

The Ambassador then has requested to permit him to answer the allegations on behalf of the government of Sri Lanka. The Ambassador then informed every single police division including the Milan Police the carribinarie and the special anti terrorist division that a leaflet had been distributed showing the Eelam flag the emblem and the map and the photograph of Prabahkaran and the meeting ought to be banned.

He said that there is evidence that suicide bombers have arrived in Italy and is waiting for orders and that poor Tamils are constantly complaining to the embassy about the extortion.

The Ambassador assured that he has the highest respect and regard to the Italian Ministry and specifically the new minister who has publicly proclaimed that he has absolutely no sympathy for terrorists or terrorism.

Prabahkaran has been elevated by the no lesser institution than the FBI as the most ruthless terrorist organization in the World. But Sri Lanka Ambassador said that he has faith in the Italian police who will ensure that such evil bandits will have not place in Italy. As a democratic country the Ambassador said that we must give them time to investigate into the complaints.

7:44 AM

'3.5 million British Pounds raked for LTTE' says Italian Police

Italian investigators who have arrested 33 Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) activists said the alleged terrorists were collecting more than 3.5 million British Pounds worth of money to be deposited in Swiss Banks to bankroll a war in Sri Lanka.

"Eight people were arrested in Naples, 7 in Palermo, 3 in Genoa and the rest between Biella, Rome, Bologna, Mantova, Reggio Emilia" where the money was raked up by the Tigers through illegal activities of extortion and drug sales, Police said. According to the Police the anti-terrorist investigations started in Italy after a complaint that some Tamils living in Italy were threatened by others, about two years ago.

Police investigators said, a whole net work of Italy based Tamil Tigers extorted money from Tamil ethnic population in Italy demanding monthly payments and threatening with retaliatory steps if the monthly payments are missed. The suspects are charged with extortion as well as for being in an international terrorist organization.

The AGI news service in London said , "According to the investigators, the Tamil Tigers collect 100 million per year worldwide for the anti-Singhalese cause, a quarter of this amount in Europe and, in particular, 3.5 million in Italy." The Neapolitan police team has also discovered a kind of intelligence service in the LTTE called TIG, which controls people from Sri Lanka of the Tamil ethnic group resident in Italy, holding detailed files and photos, both of supporters and non-supporters of the organisation.

Investigators have also arrested five further Tamils in island of Sicily in the city called Palermo in addition to the 33 in the mainland. Luigi Bonacura of the Naples police said the operation effectively dismantles the Tamil Tiger network in Italy.

Antonio Sbordone, a Counter Terrorism official said some 200 police were involved in the operation which saw raids across the country from Naples in the South to bologna in the North, and also on the island of Sicily.

The communities of Sri Lankans living in Italy were pressured to contribute money to the LTTE cause, and then the funds were funnelled out of Italy through Swiss banks, a Palermo Prosecutor Antonio Ingroia said. ``Then we sort of lost track of the money trail,'' he said. Investigators are still trying to determine if they can also charge the collectors for extortion, he said.

12:43 AM

Italian Police arrests 33 LTTE terror suspects

33 LTTE terrorist suspects have been arrested by the Italian anti-terrorist police during a massive country-wide counter insurgency operation conducted on Tuesday (June 17), foreign news agencies report.

The 33 Tamils all from Sri Lanka were detained alleged for involving in activities and supporting the internationally banned terrorist outfit, LTTE, news sources said citing an Italian police statement. According to the sources, about 200 police personnel were involved in the simultaneous raids on suspected LTTE Tiger hideouts in eight different cities - from Genoa in the north to Palermo on the Mediterranean island of Sicily.

The massive counter LTTE operation by the Italian police comes in the wake of the Canadian government's decision to list the World Tamil Movement (WTM) as a terrorist organization, under the Criminal Code of Canada on Monday (16). Three months ago the Italian authorities closed down an illegal Tamil Tiger propaganda TV channel operating from Italian territory.

The LTTE is a ruthless terrorist outfit notorious for crimes against innocent civilians led by the terror psychopath, Prabakaran. In its pursuit for a mono ethnic separate homeland for Tamils since 1983, the outfit has killed and maimed over tens and thousands of innocent children, Tamils and Sinhalese political leaders in indiscriminate bomb attacks.

Meanwhile, defence analysts are of the view that the intensification of anti-LTTE operations by the IC recently is a positive gesture supporting the SL government's efforts towards eradicating terrorism.