8:12 PM

Police team search house where Fonseka made a stop-over

The owner of a house where presidential candidate General Sarath Fonseka stayed over for several hours over the weekend while on his way to a rally in Ambalangoda has lodged a police complaint saying his house was searched by a special police team this morning.

According to the police complaint the police team searched the house for at least one hour and the search was conducted without a court order. Police media spokesman SSP I.M Karunaratne confirmed that there was a police complaint to that effect.

8:11 PM

Fonseka claims aide was abducted

Presidential Candidate General Sarath Fonseka informed the Elections Commissioner Dayananda Dissanayaka at the Elections Secretariat a short while ago that one of his aides, who is a retired army captain and was in charge of his internal security and campaign security, had been abducted two days ago, held at an unknown location and later released after being threatened, sources close to the General told media.

The source said that upon his release the officer who was abducted had claimed that he was threatened for being part of General Fonseka’s team.

8:02 PM

The Temple Trees ‘Dansalas’

A colossal sum of Rs.13, 199, 744.67 is owing to Fingara Town and country Club Ltd, at Old Kesbewa Road, as a result of the Sumptuous feasts, dinners and parties given to various groups at temple Trees during the period August to December.

The relevant Co. has forwarded its bills to Temple Trees for payment. The name of the customer mentioned in connection with these supplies is the Secretary at the temple Trees.

The bill amount in the month of August was Rs. 1,663,967.67. In the month of September was Rs.2.441,525.00. In October it was Rs. 1,747,450.00. In November it was RS. 3,930,525.00 and in December it was Rs. 3,416,279.00. In other words, the total expenditure is nearly Rs. 13.2 million.!
While the Presidential election has been announced, the President was inviting various groups of people and feeding them by throwing lavish parties and feasts.

In this connection the President recently said, he does not see anything wrong in giving feasts and dinners to those who come to a house. These traditions have been in existence even in the past. It is only a wrong if the Govt. is bearing the cost.