11:57 AM

10 terrorists killed-Mannar

Security forces consolidating defences in the recently liberated Parappakandal area, this morning (January 05) engaged in heavy counter attacks at an LTTE offensive ahead of the established Parappakandal defences.

According to latest reports, ten terrorists were killed during the confrontation, at around 9a.m. Meanwhile, security forces have recovered three LTTE bodies, 02x T-56 assault riffles and over 200 anti-personnel (AP) mines.LTTE offensive elements were driven further into non-liberated areas, following stiff resistance attacks by security forces. According to security forces, intercepted enemy communication has revealed that many terrorists were injured during the clashes.

Meantime, at least ten terrorists were killed during separate clashes erupted at general area Adampan, Mannar since today morning, security source said. Troops destroyed two LTTE bunkers killing eight terrorists during a pre-emptive strike ahead of the Adampan defences.

10:53 AM

Claymore/AP mines recovered in Thoppigala

Troops engaged in clearing operations in the general area of Meeyangolle in Thoppigala, today (January 05) recovered 20 claymore mines and 1057 AP mines, according to defence sources. The mines had apparently been buried and hidden inside barrels. Items recovered include shotgun cartridges (1112), anti-personnel (AP) mines (1057), AP mine fuses (805), claymore mines (08Kg x 01 and 05Kg x 19), detonator cord (12m x01), safety fuses (8m x 17) and M-16 ammunition (3380).