6:21 AM

Wimal and Nandana agreed to form a new political party

Parliamentarian Nandana Gunatillake, said that they would form a new political party in the near future. He said that he has already discussed with Wimal Weerawansa about this party. The new political movement will also include those who have left the JVP in dejection, and that doors were open for any would-be deserter as well, Mr. Gunatilake said. Speaking to media regarding his talks with Mr. Weerawansa, the JVP MP said that the new movement would be launched this month.

He said the Central Committee of the JVP would take a decision regarding Wimal Weerawansa soon.He said at the moment Weerawansa is the Propaganda Secretary of the party and the member of the politburo. But during last few days Weerawansa acted on his own.

4:25 AM

Election Commission invites international monitoring teams

The Commissioner of Elections has invited several international election monitoring organizations to engage in monitoring the eastern provincial council election. The organizations include monitoring bodies of the Commonwealth, the European Union and the Asian Election Superintendents Association. Monitors of the Asian Election Superintendents Association arrive in the island this Sunday. They will meet the political parties and independent groups contesting this month’s election and local election monitors on Tuesday in Colombo.

4:24 AM

Security News

A SLA soldier was killed, while another received injures when LTTE terrorists triggered off a by road claymore mine targeting an Army personnel carrier on Friday (May 2) evening in general area Halembewewa, Welioya.

Two LTTE terrorists were killed, while 4 soldiers received injuries during clashes erupted between troops and LTTE yesterday (May 2), at the Mannar battle front.