5:23 PM

Another claymore mine explosion in Vavuniya


LTTE terrorists continued their second claymore explosion for the day in Vavuniya, around 4.50 p.m. today (2nd March). The claymore bomb fixed push bicycle had been parked near wayside of a shop at "Sanasa Junction" in Wirapuliyankulam - Vavuniya.


11:24 AM

LTTE terrorists exploded a claymore in Vavuniya

LTTE terrorists exploded a claymore mine at Pompemadu in Vavuniya today. The explosion took place around 7.20 a.m. targeting a group of Army personnel who were performing duties in the area.

Due to the explosion one soldier reported killed, defence reports said.

Army troops conducted a search operation in the area subsequent to the incident, defence reports further added.