4:03 PM

Army Captures Mulangavil

Army Commander tells News-Lanka Army captures Mulangavil LTTE complex in Kilinochchi district, bringing troops to within 15km of Kilinochchi town

3:04 PM

Police arrests 6 LTTE suspects

Matale Police acting on civilian information received Tuesday (August 12), netted 6 LTTE suspects and recovered 13 kgs of C-4 high explosives along with few other war like items at Ukuwela in the Matale District.

The sting operation was conducted yesterday evening following extensive filed work police said. It is believed that these individuals were also responsible for the bus bombings and the spree of transformer explosions.

Police are yet to release further information.

According to sources, following items were recovered during the search operation.

* C-4 high explosives - 13 kgs
* Detonator code - 11.5 m
* Detonators - 30
* Cyanide capsules - 6
* Timers - 3
* Batteries - 3