2:17 PM

Eight Tamil civilians reported to Navy

Two families consisting of eight Tamil civilians had escaped from the terror grips in the un-cleared areas in Mannar and entered into the security forces controlling area last morning, March 14.

These Tamil civilians from Wallaipadau, Wirawila reported to the Sri Lanka Navy detachment at Narapadu in Mannar, sources said.

1:26 PM

Sri Lanka purchase MiG-29

Sri Lanka is in advanced talks with Russia over the procurement of five MiG-29 fighter aircraft. The Janes Defence weekly qouted Jayantha Wickramasinghe, chief executive officer of Lanka Logistics and Technologies Limited , as saying that the acquisition of four MiG-29SMs and one MiG-29UB was "well under way".

9:25 AM

LTTE training base destroyed

An LTTE training base was destroyed this morning (March 15) in an air raid carried out by SLAF fighter jets, North East of at Vishwamadukulama in Iranamadu, Mullaittiuvu.

According to SLAF sources the enemy target had been under constant surveillance and latest air reconnaissance information has revealed intensified terrorist activity in the area.

The LTTE training facility was left in rubbles as pilots returned following the precision air sortie at around 6.10.a.m.

6:23 AM

SLA, LTTE clash in Welioya

The SLA and the LTTE clashed in general area Nikawewa - Kambiliwewa, Welioya yesterday (March 14) according to Wanni military sources.

Ground sources said that troops engaged in a limited fire-fight with the LTTE who were attempting to breach the SLA forward defences in the area, on Friday evening.

A LTTE terrorist was reported killed and body recovered by troops who later conducted extensive search operations in the area. Troops also found 4 anti-personnel (AP) mines, 2 claymore mines weighing 10 kg and a 2kg weighing claymore during the search operations.