2:17 PM

SLAF jet attack LTTE strategic location

Sri Lanka Air Force supersonic fighter jets pounded on LTTE strategic location in the Mullaittiuvu area this noon, December 28.Air sorties have launched around 12.00 noon and the target was the LTTE's coordinating centre for international activities, a well identified LTTE strategic location through the series of ground and air surveillances conducted for long period, Air forces sources said.

Meanwhile, the intelligence sources said that the details of the targets have been obtained on real-time ground information received through reliable sources. The targeted location was identified as a key LTTE location where most of the LTTE top leaders used to visit regularly to discuss international activities of the outfit, sources added.

Sri Lanka Air Force raided this same place few months back on 18th April 2007 and the 2nd In-Command of the LTTE's coordinating centre for international activities, who was given a self-styled "Lt Colonal" rank, Kalaialagan was killed due to this air raid.

1:20 AM

Army hold out at Jaffna FDL

Reports from Jaffna Forward Defence Line (FDL) indicate that two LTTE bunkers and a hut were destroyed and five terrorists were killed in today's clashes between army and LTTE (December 27). In addition, two army soldiers were killed, one went missing and four injured in the same incidents.

On the Kilaly front, troops undertook a surprise attack at an LTTE bunker around 2.40.a.m. Ground troops have confirmed that the bunker was destroyed and two terrorists were killed in the incident.

At Ponnar, on the same Kilaly front troops confronted with LTTE terrorists around 6.12 this morning. Troops advanced unto the terrorists' first line of defence and attacked two LTTE bunkers and a hut located in the area. Ground troops have claimed that three LTTE cadres were killed and one bunker and the hut were destroyed in the incident.

In a similar incident on the same Kilaly front, troops confronted with a group of terrorist around 6.45.a.m. One soldier has been killed and another was reported missing in the incident. Further four soldiers have suffered injuries. The injured were rushed to the military hospital at Palaly. Terrorists' casualties are not known.