7:56 PM

SLAF raided LTTE suicide training base


Sri Lanka Air Force supersonic fighter jets raided an LTTE suicide training facility located at Puthukkudiyiruppu in the Mullaittivu area this evening, January 31.

The air sorties were carried out at 5.10 p.m and the targeted LTTE base was located in a jungle patch at Kaivelikulam, 4Km northwest of Puthukkudiyiruppu in Mullaittivu.

The Air Force spokesperson Wing Commander Andy Wijesooriya said that the targeted LTTE base was identified as a specialized training facility which provides training for the LTTE's suicide cadres. The target was achieved on information gathered through the intelligence sources and air surveillances conducted for a long period of time, spokesperson further said.

5:53 PM

An LTTE suicide bomber has exploded himself


An LTTE suicide bomber has exploded himself targeting innocent Tamil civilians at Thirunaweli in Jaffna this morning, January 31. According to the defence sources the suicide bomber had arrived at location riding a bicycle and exploded himself around 11.20 a.m.

Three people have been killed on the spot and seventeen others have suffered injuries. The victims have been rushed to the Jaffna hospital with the assistance of security forces personnel. According the sources received from Jaffna hospital, seven victims are in critical condition.

Military spokesperson Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara speaking to the media said that this is a cowardly attempt by the terrorists to instill a fear psychosis among the Tamil civilians living in Jaffna Peninsula.

He said that increasing civilian support to the security forces' to fight terrorism has agitated LTTE terrorists. Also, he highlighted the incident as a clear indication of the bogus nature of the liberator semblance that LTTE have been trying to create for itself.


10:55 AM

Recovered 280 more bullet proof jackets


Medawachchiya police who arrested two suspects attempting to smuggle 68 bullet proof jackets by lorry during a raid at Medawachchiya yesterday evening, conducted further inquiries on information provided by the suspects and recovered 280 more jackets from an abandoned house in Anuradhapura town, today.