10:53 AM

Vaiko seeks disqualification of Ganesan, Gingee

MDMK chief Vaiko is determined to 'teach' a lesson to his two rebel MPs, L Ganesan and Gingee N Ramachandran. He asked the Lok Sabha Speaker to disqualify them under the provisions of the Anti-defection law that has been on the statute since the Rajiv Gandhi days.

MDMK Party leader C Krishnan Friday formally submitted a 'formal request' to the Lok Sabha Secretariat saying that the law must be invoked to disqualify the two dissident MPs for defying party whip during the July 22 trust vote in the Manmohan government.

Krishnan filed the petition before the Lok Sabha Secretary General P D T Achary. "When the party issued the direction to its MPs vote against the confidence motion, the voting of Ganesan and Ramachandran contrary to the direction of party attracted provisions of the Tenth Schedule and making them liable to be disqualified," C Krishnan said.

The two dissident MPs had revolted against the party leadership for aligning with AIADMK in the 2006 assembly polls and functioned independently after they were removed from the party posts. Ganesan and Gingee had also approached the Election Commission to declare their group as the real party. But the EC had recently ruled that the party led by Vaiko was the real MDMK.