5:04 PM

22 terrorists killed in yesterday's

Military reports received from Jaffna and Wanni Defences in the Island's North indicated that 22 terrorists were killed during several clashes erupted between SL Army and LTTE yesterday (January 19).

In the Jaffna Theater of battle, troops stationed on the Kilaly frontline came under mortar fire around 4.45 , last morning. 01 soldier was killed in the incident. Troop retaliated and suppressed the terrorists' indirect fire.

On the Nagarkovil front, troops attacked LTTE bunkers at two separate occasions. The first strike was launched around 10.a.m and the ground sources confirmed that 01 terrorists bunker was destroyed following the attack. The second incident took place around 7.20.p.m. Ground troops confirmed that 01 LTTE bunker was destroyed. LTTE radio transmissions have later confirmed that 01 LTTE cadre was killed and 02 others injured in the attack. Also, 01 soldier suffered injuries due to terrorists' retaliatory fire.

Separately, troops stationed in the Nagarkovil area detected five LTTE boats around 7.30.p.m and engaged artillery fire at them.On the Muhamalai front, troops confirmed that 02 LTTE bunkers destroyed in an attack launched around 8.30, last night.

On the Wanni theatre of battle, SL army continued its multi pronged attack at the terrorists' defences on the Vavuniya, Mannar and Welioya areas.On the Vavuniya front, troops stationed in Vilattikulama confronted with a group of terrorists around 10, last morning. Ground troops confirmed that 04 terrorists were killed in the incident.

At Mullikulama, troops attacked a group terrorists detected in the area around 7.p.m. Ground troops confirmed 03 terrorists killed. Also, 02 soldiers suffered injuries in the attack.

In similar incident at Kallikulama, troops confirmed that 01 terrorist was killed around 5.30.p.m.On the Mannar front, LTTE terrorists attempted to regain the control over newly formed army defences in the Chettikulama area around 4.a.m. Troops successfully foiled the terrorist attack causing heavy losses to LTTE. Monitored LTTE radio transmission has revealed that 04 terrorists were killed and 09 injured in the incident. Also , 02 soldiers suffered injuries and were rushed to immediate medical attention.

Later on the same day morning, troops marched ahead from their positions in Chettikulama and destroyed 02 fortified trenches belonging to the LTTE. LTTE radio transmission has confirmed that 06 terrorists were killed and 10 others wounded in this incident. No casualties reported to own troops.

Meanwhile, Snipers deployed in the Karampaikkulam, Chettikulama, and Palaikkuli areas reported that 03 terrorists were gunned down with in the course of day.

On the Welioya front, troops confronted with LTTE around 12.40.p.m .01 soldier suffered injuries and 01 went on mission in the incident. Terrorists' casualties are not known.