6:08 AM

Troops clear A-34 from Mankulam to Tanniyattu

Troops of Army 57 Division, Task Force 3 and Task Force 4 have opened up the A-34 road (Mankulam- Mullaittivu) road up to Tanniyuttu, following recent counter terrorist operations on the Mullaittivu battlefront, reveal battlefield sources.

Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jets and MI-24 helicopter gunships carried out air strikes at LTTE gatherings in the Mullaittivu area in support of advancing troops this morning (Jan 5). According to the defence sources, the air strikes were carried out between 11 Am to 12.30 PM targeting LTTE cadres withdrawing into jungle areas. The sources citing pilots confirmed that the attacks were successful.

6:06 AM

MTV/MBC under seige

The main control room of MTV/MBC in Pannipitiya has been set on fire by goons who stormed the building,And the network is comepletely off air. Unconfirmed sources say that an unidentified group has stormed the building.