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Pongku Thamil in London

British Tamils Forum, the LTTE’s front organization in Britain is organizing the Pongku Thamil celebrations in London, to honour the demised 365 odd Black Tigers and to glorify the suicide cadres internationally. The event is planned to be held from 3pm to 7pm on 12 July.

According to a statement released by Suren Surendiran, the media spokesperson for the British Tamil Forum, LTTE’s front organization "has joined hands with many of other cultural and community organisations in the United Kingdom for ‘Pongku Thamil’ – a celebration of Tamil culture and arts."A Pongku Tamil FlierA Pongku Tamil Flier

It is learnt that after the closing down of the 'Tharishanam TV' in London, arrangements are now being made to allow free to air the pay channel 'Deepam TV' alleged to be LTTE funded, until the Pongku Thamil event is held in London.

'In the latest development, the Deepam television is giving explicit publicity for the LTTE’s Pongku Thamil function to be held in Roehampton in South London on 12 July 2008. Sources working at Deepem TV confirmed that arrangements have been made for the Deepam TV to telecast the event lively.'

In the meantime, the media spokesperson for British Tamil Forum anounced, "The focus of this year’s event is to show solidarity and support to the political aspirations of their compatriots back home and around the world." Spokesperson revealed that an estimated 25,000 British Tamils are expected to gather for this event.

But, according to an independent survey, Richardson Evans Playing Field located Roehampton Vale in South West London can hold a maximum of 5,000 people only. Sources told that "25,000(Terror Friendly) people expected to participate in an event" to glorify LTTE suicide cadres, is an exaggeration.

In recent times, Tamil expatriates are well aware that participating in such events is considered as aiding and abetting terrorist activities in a country where Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam has been proscribed as a terrorist’s organization.

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Security News 09/07/2008

2 soldiers were killed and another reported wounded on Tuesday (July 8) at Arsadikulama in the Vavuniya battlefront when troops confronted with a group of terrorists at 1.35p.m.

According to the defence sources, troops advancing towards the area North of Janakapura came across this strong defensive position of the LTTE located about 10 km inside the jungle around 9.30 am.

Security forces personnel engaged in counter terrorist offensive operation inching further towards LTTE areas inflicting damages to the enemy. The finalized military report received from the battlefront said that 18 terrorists were killed while 29 others suffered injured.

Army snipers gunned down 3 LTTE terrorists in two separate areas in the Mannar front during day hours yesterday, July 08.