6:15 AM

War to end terrorism must continue

Since Vinayagmoorthi Muralidaran (Karuna) and Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan had joined civil society as normal citizens through the UNP, there was no war situation in the Eastern Province, Galle District UNP member Vajira Abeywardena said yesterday (27).

Similarly, Prabhakaran too could be brought into normal civilian society. Neither of the two sides to the armed conflict in the North could win the war and it was necessary to start peace talks with Prabhakaran now, Abeywardena said.

Asked for his comment Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa said it was necessary to continue the war against terrorism in the North. Even India wanted terrorism eradicated. There was no question of stopping the war against the LTTE.

India was only concerned about the welfare and problems of civilians of the North who were displaced or affected by the war especially with regard to food supplies. The government continued to send adequate food supplies to the north, he said.

The Defence Secretary also said that arrests of LTTE activists and supporters in Tamil Nadu were being conducted by the State government and surveillance in the seas between India and Sri Lanka government had been increased by the Indian authorities.