5:16 AM

Navy rescues six families escaping terror clutches in Wanni

Sri Lanka Navy has rescued 19 civilians including 3 children fleeing from LTTE tyranny in Wanni last morning (Oct 27). According to the Navy sources, Navy inshore patrol craft (IPCs), have rescued the civilians while they were battling against rough seas onboard a locally built fishing vessel (Vallam) in the South of Mandativu islet. There were 11 females and 8 males belonging to 6 families, the sources said.

The refugees have told the Navy personnel that they had got onboard the Vallam from Murukkandi in Poonaryn. They have further revealed that they had left their homes due to the inhumane harassments committed by the LTTE terrorists. According to the refugees , a large number of civilians in Wanni are desperately expecting that the security forces would soon liberate them from the terror clutches.

The Navy would provide food, medical facilities and other basic needs of the refugees until they are being handed over to the civilian welfare authorities, the sources added.