8:30 PM

Troops foil LTTE infiltration attempts

Security forces foiled consecutive attempts by LTTE elements to breach the SLA defence lines at Palaikkuli, Chettikkulama and Janakapura in Wanni, today (January 21) killing five terrorists, area security sources said.

Ground sources said, SLA snipers killed two terrorists in attempts made to infiltrate the defences at 10.15.a.m. Separately, around 11.45 this morning another terrorist was killed sniped ahead of the SLA defences.

In general area Palaikkuli, around 1.40.p.m. a terrorist was reported killed when troops fired at, foiling the LTTE attempt to breach the Army defences.

Meanwhile, during a search operation conducted at Palaikkuli general area security forces recovered 18 anti-personnel (AP) mines, Mannar military sources said.

According to military reports, a terrorist was killed when troops launched an offensive at an LTTE bunker defence, at North of Janakapura, Welioya at 3.50.p.m.