10:15 AM

T. Maheswaran shot dead

UNP parliamentarian T. Maheswaran was shot this morning (January 01) by an unknown gunman, news sources report. According to Colombo national hospital sources, Mr. Maheswaran has received serious gunshot injuries.

Speaking exclusively to defence.lk, Director of Nation Hospital - Colombo, Dr. Hector Weerasinghe said, the medical staff is at full thrust attending to save the parliamentarian. Nine other people also injured during the incident were admitted along with the Mr. Maheswaran, hospital sources reveal.

Latest information revealed that Mr. Maheswaran has succumbed to wounds while undergoing intensive medical treatment few minutes ago, at around 10.35a.m. Two other people have also succumbed to injuries, hospital sources said.

According to available information, an unknown gunman have shot Mr. Maheswaran inside the Kotehena Sivam Kovil, at around 9.30a.m.