8:52 AM

SLAF raids major LTTE facility

SLAF super sonic MiG-27 and K'Fir combat fighters made dashing sorties this morning (December 27) at a major LTTE facility at Vellamullavaikkal, North of Mulaithivu, at around 6.10 a.m.

Air force fighter pilots have acquired the target successfully destroying the LTTE facility during the precision aerial sorties, Air force sources said. According to sources, the aerial raid was launched following ground surveillance and real time air reconnaissance information. Defence sources citing reliable 'intel' said, LTTE were conducting a special training session at the facility which was continuously functioning since 2001.

Defence sources said, the target was kept under constant reconnaissance, which was located northwards along the coast of Mulaithivu. LTTE has been conducting multi-pronged war exercises at the facility when it was hit, by the SLAF jets.