8:56 PM

11 civilians killed and 92 injured in LTTE bomb blast


LTTE terrorists carried out cowardly bomb blast targeting innocent civilians at the Fort Railway station this afternoon (February 3). Eleven people have been killed and 92 others suffered injuries as a suspected LTTE suicide bomber blew herself up on the third platform of the railway station around 2.10 p.m, said the defence sources.

According to the sources in the Colombo National Hospital, Eleven bodies are lying at the hospital and 92 are presently under going treatment at the hospital. 10 of the injured are in critical conditions while four of them have been already taken to the theatre for immediate surgeries, the sources added.

According to the available information the explosion was carried out by a female suicide bomber who had get down from a train reached to the Fort railway station.

LTTE is a ruthless terrorist outfit that fights for a mono ethnic separate homeland for the Tamils in Sri Lanka since 1983. It operates on an ideology based on extreme tribalism and carries out genocides against Sri Lankan citizens by way of bomb blasts, ethnic cleansing raids, suicide attacks, assassinations etc. However, the outfit as a policy never claim responsibility for any of its egregious crimes and also uses its agents in media to turn the blame of the crimes towards some other party.