7:18 AM

10 LTTE Killed

Troops continued advances in the Wanni battle theater as troops claimed at least 10 LTTE killed and an enemy bunker line destroyed during confrontation erupted between troop and LTTE on Tuesday (April 29).
In the Mannar front, in general area Kalliankadu troops launched intensive small arms and RCL fire destroying an LTTE bunker defence at 10.40a.m., security sources said. According to ground troops 3-4 LTTE terrorists were believed either killed or injured during the attack.
Earlier, an LTTE terrorist was reported killed in a SLA sniper attack in general area Parappakandal, at around 6.45a.m. Also during a search operation conducted in general area Veppankulama troops have recovered 18 AP mines, security sources further said.