8:25 AM

Election results show people's mandate to government policy against terror

The results of the elections to the first Eastern Provincial Council show the people's endorsement of the government's policy of restoring democracy and normalcy to areas hitherto controlled by the terrorists, and the overall development programme already initiated in the Eastern Province said President Mahindha Rajapaksha issuing a press statement.
“Following the successful completion of the elections to local government bodies in the Batticaloa District in March this year, this is another important milestone in the government's policy of restoring democratic rights to the people in areas once dominated by the LTTE, and of ensuring democracy throughout the island, he said.
The voters of the Eastern Province who participated in this election peacefully and in large numbers have demonstrated their interest in protecting their democratic rights, which were denied, to them for nearly two decades by the forces of terror; which were restored to them with the liberation of the Eastern Province by the Security Forces.
This election emphasizes the policy of the government to create an environment in which all our people could enjoy democratic rights and live in freedom and harmony. I note that the people of the East have given a clear mandate for peace through the defeat of terrorism, the strengthening of democracy and the development of the country.
I thank all political parties and candidates that participated in the important election, all personal of the Department of the Commissioner General of Elections, all other public officers, and members of the Armed Services and Police that helped in the successful conduct of this election, he noted.
The representatives of the people chosen in this peaceful election represent the will of the people, and I look forward to their cooperation in the country's march to strengthen and widen democracy throughout our country, and to assisting in the tasks already initiated and ahead to develop the Eastern Province, the President assured.