9:38 AM

No negotiations with the LTTE in this moment, says Sri Lankan PM

Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister Rathnasiri Wickremanayake said the Sri Lankan government would not hold any discussions with the LTTE until they lay down their arms. He said Tiger organization is facing its biggest defeats now.The Prime Minister at a meeting with the new New Zealand ambassador to Sri Lanka Rupert Hall Biro at the Prime Minister’s office on Thursday said that the LTTE must lay down their arms before arriving at the negotiating table.

The Prime Minister has reiterated that the Sri Lankan government is committed to safeguard the rights of the Tamil people. He further pointed out that the government was able to liberate the Eastern province from the terrorists due to the implementation of a systematic programme.The Prime Minister requested the New Zealand Ambassador to assist in the development of the local dairy farming. Ambassador Biro has pledged to assist Sri Lanka in the programme to eradicate terrorism.