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Prabhakaran’s son credited with new devastating chemical bomb

Charles Anthony is proven to be a psychopathic megalomaniac like his father Velupillai Prabhakaran and the senior leaders of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) worry about the meteoritic rise of the son.

According to intelligence reports Charles Anthony has developed a new chemical weapon capable of such a shock wave that could kill, permanently damage vision and hearing and also make women barren.

"Now that the war is in the northern theatre, use of this lethal weapon could make the Tamil women barren and reduce the birth rate in a drastic manner," an analyst said. "Father used to kill the innocent Tamils and other civilians. The son has now gone a step further. He is determined to make the Tamil women – mothers, daughters and sisters barren. - Chip of the old block"

Sources revealed that Charles Anthony developed his crude Improvised Explosive Devise (IED) as answer to LTTE’s plan to stop the troops from marching into Vanni.

Latest military reports revealed that Sri Lankan Government forces have started surrounding the LTTE’s Vanni stronghold, and menacingly advancing into the Tiger power centre. This situation has made them to realize that the 122 MM big guns of theirs has become something of an inappropriate lethal weaponry to rely of, as the enemy is so close and near, unable to fire effectively with a firing range of 25 KM.

When the inability to stop the advancing forces became a life and death issue, heir-apparent Charles Anthony, it is said, has come up with two Improvised Explosive Devises Sandai 500 Kg– (Fight) and Samathanam 500 Kg (Peace).

News-Lanka learnt that these two new Improvised Explosive Devises are not something new, but yet another version of the “Pasilan 2000” of the 1990s, the home made explosive type used to threaten the enemies with a loud explosion. The sound when exploded is heard for a long distance and those in close proximity have been affected with their hearings and also it was told that blood used to ooze out from the ears of the enemies when this crude devise explodes. Pasilan 2000 had a range of 200 meters.

Pasilan 2000 was introduced in the LTTE military hardware, known as a mortar or artillery, like the 122mm canon, successor to the ‘Baba mortar’ used by the LTTE for ground operations in the late 1980s.

However the two newly devised explosives are said to be capable of carrying a war head weighing 500 Kg to a distance roughly to 1 Km against that of 200 meters of Pasilan 2000.

Experts revealed that casing of these two explosives are cast out of aluminium metals and it has a tendency to melt and when it lands it looses force and cracking down is limited against TNT grenades made with the iron casings.

On trial explosions it became apparent that many pregnant women within a radius three kilometres aborted on the on the peculiar loud noise of the explosion, and the doctors in the Vanni have warned that explosion of these two crude explosives - Sandai and Samathanam would cause permanent barrenness in the midst of women.

Though the after-effects of this crude explosive devises are alarming, but the heir-apparent has ordered the field commanders to use this dangerous explosive in the battle field. He also had told that the women cadres in the field to be withdraw to three to three four KM before theses explosives are fired. Though women cadres might have very remote chances of being saved, but the plight of women in Vanni faces the danger of turning barren in the near future.

Sources also revealed that senior leaders of the LTTE have expressed concern over Prabhakaran’s overt and covert strategy of promoting his son over above the seniors who sacrificed the entire youth for the movement. “Soosai, Bhanu, Baby Subramanium, Illantherian and many others are worried about this development,” the source said. “They argue that Charles Anthony lacked experience to take such a senior position and his inhuman methods could be harmful to the image of the LTTE, which is currently trying to whitewash its image keeping in mind the international community.

Even (Intelligence Head) Pottu (Amman) has warned Prabhakaran against giving too many responsibilities to young Charles Anthony,” he said.