7:21 AM

13 terrorists killed, anti air gun seized

Army Commandos in pursuit of the withdrawing terrorists along the Mannar- Pooneryn (A-32) road attacked a group of terrorist detected in the Murunkalyadippudi area 3 Km North of Iluppaikkaddavai around 12.10 this afternoon.

The Commandos confirmed that 13 terrorists were killed in this confrontation while many others suffered injuries. Also, they seized an anti air machine gun of 12.7mm caliber , a T-81 rifle and one radio communication set.

Clearing operations are being carried out in the area. Troops of Task Force 1 and Commando Brigade today captured the largest terrorist stronghold on the Northwestern coast of the Island at Iluppaikkaddavai. Following this victory troops are marching further northwards along the A-32 road.