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30 terrorists killed

30 LTTE terrorists were reported killed and 26 others wounded Saturday (July 12), during confrontations ensued between troops and LTTE, at the Wanni and Northern battlefronts, MCNS reported. 2 soldiers laid their lives in the battles, while 7 other sustained injuries, security sources said.
According to the same sources, 18 terrorists were killed, 4 wounded at the Mannar front, while a soldier was also killed in the confrontations. Meanwhile, 2 terrorists received injuries at Jaffna in addition to an Army casualty.
In the Vavuniya battlefronts, 7 terrorists were killed and 8 injured, while military claimed a soldier killed and 3 others wounded in yesterday's fighting. In addition, troops claimed that 5 terrorists were reported killed 12 injured during skirmishes erupted between security forces and LTTE at the Welioya battlefront. 3 soldiers also received injuries in similar confrontations at the Welioya front, security sources further added.


Anonymous said...

MiG-35-L Latest SL Army JET

This headline is misleads the reader.

It should be Mig29..