7:23 AM

LTTE's Michael Base falls to Army

Troops operating under Army 59 division yesterday (July 4) captured an LTTE base called "Michael Base", said the defence sources on the Welioya front. According to the sources, the LTTE camp is one of the strategic satellite bases of the LTTE's main "One Four Base" Complex situated inside the Mulaithiuvu jungle.

Troops marching northwards in the Mulaithiuvu jungle from the area North of Janakapura made this capture after 3 days fierce fighting. Soldiers entered into the camp after beating off the enemy last morning and declared the area secured by afternoon. The structure of the base extends over 200 square meters that includes several underground defences. Troops believe at least 17 LTTE cadres were killed in this operation.

Earlier, soldiers of army 59 division captured the Munagam Base, the strategic transit base between LTTE's main bastions in Mulaithiuvu and the Southern parts of the country. The Michael Base is located about 7 Km from Janakapura, inside the jungle and about 3 Km northwards from the Munagam Base.