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Prabakaran targeted

Sri Lanka war weary troops have begun to lay siege of Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu districts, targeting a high valued crucially figure. In the meantime ‘News-Lanka’ reliably learnt that an untenable situation has arisen over the safety of Velupillai Prabakaran, the reclusive Leader of the Tamil separatists and terrorists outfit, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, as the defensive arrangement to safeguard him turning out to be more and more porous and indefensible. V. Prabakaran - Days are numbered?V. Prabakaran - Days are numbered?

Defense spokesperson, Minister Keheliaya Rambukawella said, "So far by our successful operation in the North, LTTE is in a disarray and we found them very weak and their resistance might crumble at any time. According to our Intelligence report Prabakarn keeps on shifting from one bunker to another for his security. However, Sri Lankan forces are determined to capture him alive.

He said, "We learnt that Tamil diaspora are very much concerned about the safety of Prabakaran and they are frantically contacting Norway to safeguard him from the imminent capture by the Sri Lankan forces. Norwegians are trying to sprit him away to some safe haven in Africa most probably Eritrea.

He said, "We are not certain whether Norwegians might take him to Eritrea as earlier rumored, but the latest grapevine is that he will be taken out of Vanni to a most safest destination, probably in Africa.

While the Tamil diaspora have begun to show concern about the safety of Prabakaran, captains of Sri Lanka defense are showing interest in trying to arrest him alive to make him answerable for all crimes he was alleged to be responsible against humanity.

Dr. Keheliaya Rambukawella, Sri Lanka Governments Spokesperson on Defence and National Security said that Sri Lankan troops are getting closer and closer, inch by inch daily towards Prabakaran. He added that latest intelligence reports revealed that Tamil diaspora are pressing Prabakaran to leave the country for safety and Norway has been requested to make arrangement for sdafe refuge.

Minister Rambukawella said that the capture of Illupaikadai, the last bastion of the LTTE in the Northwest coast of the Mannar district has brought 95 percent of the district under the Government’s control.

He said that after the liberation of the East, seizing of Silavathurai on 02 September 2007, in the Mannar district sealed LTTE movements in Wilpattu National Park and in the border villages in the Puttalam District, has led the way for chasing out the LTTE out of the Mannar district.

He explained LTTE cadres were evicted from the coastal villages and Sri Lanka Navy will be in the future who would effectively monitor the sea movements of the Sea Tiger vessels in the Palk Bay.

Sri Lanka Navy believes once the North west border villages are taken back Latte’s smuggling activities from India would be halted. They also believed that once Tiger boats are effectively stopped in the Gulf Bay, complaints of Tamil Nadu fishermen would cease.