7:48 AM

Norwegian ‘aid’ for Tiger bunkers

According to Military sources, the bund cum trench, unlike other LTTE defence lines that the forces overran earlier, is a tried and tested defensive system used by both the Indian and Pakistani armies against each other.

To halt the advancing Army, the Tigers have built this formidable trench line for miles facing the south, using heavy equipment taken from the INGOs, while the Army and the Air Force were busy concentrating on engaging the enemy in earlier operations, to regain territory in their then immediate front. It had been built, first laying mines on its approaches, then a trench had been cut, especially to prevent crossing of armour and the earth removed from this trench had been used to build a bund above it to a height of eight to 10 feet.

Inside the bund are also a series of bunkers, from which vantage the Tigers are able to mow down the advancing Army and call in artillery support, with their clear view of the advancing forces.

In hindsight, it can now be said that, had the Air Force Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, had spotted the massive defence line being constructed in advance, and got the MI-24 attack helicopters or the jets, to take out the heavy machinery engaged in building the network, much of this misery could have been avoided.

It is easy for us to say this from the safety and comfort of Colombo now, but for the valiant forces fighting the most ruthless outfit on earth, with limited resources, in the heat of so many operations in their immediate front, it would have eluded them. Besides, the Norwegian People’s Aid only reported the removal of their heavy machinery long after the Tigers had done it.