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“Addressing internal issue of Sri Lanka is our business,” – UNP Chairman

“As the main opposition party we are extending our unconditional support to the Government in its endeavor to eliminate terrorism, said the Chairman of the United National Party Rukman Senanayake.

Mr. Senanayake in an interview with the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation said that it is the due responsibility of the Government to ensure the safety of all citizens irrespective of ethnicity or race.
Mr. Senanayake emphasized “no one else has the right to interfere in the internal issues of Sri Lanka”.While admitting that it is the duty and the responsibility of the Government to exercise military operations to combat any form of terrorism, Mr. Senanayaka said that the LTTE is a separatist and a deadly extremist group unleashing terrorism in all its manifestations to achieve their goals.
“We should make the international community aware that this terrorist outfit is not fighting for the rights of Tamil people,” he said.Refering to the recent political development in Tamil Nadu with regard to the situation in the North of Sri Lanka, Mr. Senanayake said “What we can do is to express our possition on the matter clearly and it is upto us to address our internal issues”Expressing his views over the killing of Maj.
General Janaka Perera he said “the LTTE might have been in frustration that at a time like this if a UNP Government came to power it may affect the terrorists negatively.”“Terrorists are murderers trying to gain advantage by sowing ethnic disharmony among Sri Lankans,” Mr Senanayaka said adding “we all have to realize that and act accordingly”.