6:14 AM

Colombo Municipal Council suspended

Colombo Municipal Council which has another one and a half years left to complete it term, was suspended yesterday and a retired High Court judge has been appointed to go into the allegations of short comings and lapses against the Mayor and the Municipal Council.

Alavi Mowlana, Governor of the Western Province speaking to Asian Tribune said that Colombo Municipality was under the UNP for the past 25 years, and remained UNP oriented. The present lapses and short comings, it was said has been inherited from the past mayors and councilors.

But he said that the present Municipal Council has been suspended yesterday and a retired judge of the High Court Hector Yappa has been appointed to go into the lapses and shortcomings and report within a period of three months.

Western Province Governor said that it has been found that the CMC had lost Rs 4 billion in the form of uncollected assessment arrears, while the bank overdraft had been around Rs 600 million.

He said that there were allegations of waste and corruptions also and the Council will remain suspended until such time the report is presented after the investigation completed by the retired judge.