10:38 AM

Explosives, batteries found in UN lorries

Security forces while making clearance on a convoy of Wanni bound lorries at the Omanthai Entry/ Exit point in Vavuniya, have found C-4 explosives and batteries in two lorries yesterday (Sep 30), evening.

According to military, a total of 60 lorries are expected to cross the Omanthai gateway by Thursday evening (Oct 2), with essential food items to displaced in Wanni. 30 lorries were hired by the Vavuniya District Secretariat, while the rest have been hired by the WFP.

The C-4 explosives weighing around 2.5kg were found concealed under the driver's seat, while a total cache of 28,880 batteries (a prohibited item under security concerns) were found laden in a makeshift false compartment. The compartment had been fixed after welding it thoroughly, military said.

The lorry drivers were taken into custody for interrogation and apparently, a suspect has admitted concealing the explosives, Vavuniya Police said.