7:19 AM

Mobile service in Mannar not held due to people fleeing to Vanni

Secretary to the Ministry of Public administration D. Dissanayake said the Government was compelled to call off the ‘Mobile Services’ scheduled to take place in the Mannar district on October 20 and 21 as the majority of those who were internally displaced from the Mannar District had fled to take refuge in the Vanni District.

He said originally Minister of Public Administration Karu Jayasuriya had made arangements with over 36 State Agencies to go to the Mannar District on October 20 and 21. A report on the prevailing ground situation submitted by a delegation led by Minister of Constitutional Affairs and National Integration D. E. W. Gunasekera had stated that only around 5,000 people were remaining in the district had turned up when they visited the area on September (25).

"We wanted to provide birth certificates, driving licenses, national identity cards and passports to those affected people."

Dissanayake said the situation was further aggravated as a result of Minister Karu Jayasuriya having to take bed rest following his surgical operation.

"We have to wait until these people return. Our going would be of no use and we found that with the ongoing Military Operations which had intensified in the North, finding accommodation for such a large delegation of around a 1000 in the North Central Province to travel daily to Mannar as the transport service was not able to cope with such a number