7:50 AM

58 Div captures Karayamulliavaikkal earth bund

nfantrymen of 58 Division have gained total control over the entire
earth bund built by the LTTE terrorists in Karayamulliavaikkal by this
afternoon (8 May) following hours-long fighting, latest military
report received from the battlefront said.

According to the defence.lk correspondent in the battlefront, troops
of 6 Gemunu Watch (6 GW), 7 Sinha Regiment (7 SR) and 9 Vijayabahu
Infantry Regiment (9 VIR) have tactically advanced beyond the earth
bund after capturing entire bund. Consolidating operations now
underway to further strength the defence line, military sources said.

Fierce fighting commenced on 6th May lasted for days as terrorists
made their fullest strength to hold the earth bund built to resists
the security forces' offensive march, military sources added. Troops
were able to inflict considerable damages to the enemy in fighting
occurred last two days while capturing part of the earth bund.

In subsequent search operation conducted in the area, troops have
found 35 bodies of LTTE terrorists killed in fighting along with LTTE
military hardware.

33 x T-56 weapons, 2 x Light Machine Guns, 4 x Multi Purpose Machine
Gun, 1 x 12.7 weapon, 3 x I-Com radio sets, 1 x claymore mine, 3 x
T-56 magazines and 2 x detonators area among the items found.

Meanwhile, troops were able to capture an excavator, abandoned by the
LTTE terrorists, which is believed to be used by the terrorists to
build earth bunds.