8:30 AM

Tamil parties in IDP racket

The IGP has alerted police chiefs in Vavuniya about a racket involving smuggling out IDPs from camps by operatives of several Tamil political parties.

In a confidential report sent to the DIG, Vavuniya, the IGP has implicated activists of Tamil political parties who laid down arms to join mainstream politics with smuggling civilians for exorbitant fees.

The claim has been confirmed by Vavuniya District TNA MP, S Kishor, who told this newspaper that he is aware that around 50,000 IDPs have escaped from welfare camps by paying money to these groups. He also said that President Mahinda Rajapaksa has been informed of the situation.

Sources revealed that amounts ranging from Rs.100, 000 to 10, 00000 have been paid to these groups by the Tamil IDPs for smuggling them out from welfare camps. In addition, Tamil political parties enlist these IDPs as new members and bring them out of the welfare camps.

DIG in charge of the Northern Province Nimal Lewke said “We are not still sure about the exact number of IDPs who escaped from the camps. Arrangements are being made to carry out a census on IDPs to check the figures”.

The DIG said that the lists of those who have passed away in camps and those who were released must be compared with documents at the Divisional Secretariat and then the number of those who have escaped can be identified”.