10:10 AM

Air Force Destroy LTTE Training Facility

Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jets successfully carried out two bombing missions targeting two well identified camps of LTTE terrorists located in Wanni region this morning (March 27). According to the defence sources the targets were a training facility and a Radar location both located in Kilinochchi district.

Air Force Spokesman Wing Commander Andrew Wijesooriya speaking to defence.lk said that the first mission was launched around 6.25.a.m. targeting a training facility located inside a jungle patch at Kalmadukulam, in North-East of Iranamadhu.

According to the defence intelligence, the terrorists have also used the location as a marshalling point for the conscripts. The target was achieved based on the information received on recent developments of this terror location from the reliable sources in Wanni region. Further, the target had been well identified through continuous air surveillances conducted by the SLAF, sources further added.