7:08 AM

An Indian rescued by Sri Lanka Navy

An Indian national arrested in the mid-sea while escaping from the clutches of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam was rescued by Sri Lanka Navy. Still the plight of three more Indian who were captured by the LTTE remains a mystery,

Indian national (aged 28) who had been incarcerated by LTTE and kept under their custody, had managed to escape and was rescued in mid-sea by the Sri Lanka Navy, while he was making an attempt to flee to India on a boat with seven other Sri Lankans, in the morning on 16th July.

According to Sri Lanka Navy sources, he had come to Sri Lanka on 10th January 2003, with three other Indian nationals holding Indian passports and had travelled to Kilinochchi with the hope of visiting some of their relatives.

But, denying their access to relatives, they had been arrested and questioned by the LTTE cadres, inflicting serious physical torture, and thereafter they had been made to shed physical labor. Whereabouts of the other three are not yet known.

He is said to be a resident in Madras, sources further say.However, about three months before, he had been assigned to work in a garage belonging to LTTE which paved way for him to escape.