7:34 AM

Police after LTTE photo-journalist

The Colombo National Hospital police unit is looking for a photo-journalist of a leading electronic media organization who had hidden himself in a toilet of the Colombo National Hospital blood bank to photograph activities of the blood bank. Blood bank staff had arrested him, but he had escaped, the Health Ministry said yesterday.

A Health Ministry spokesman told 'News-Lanka' that when the intruder was caught by the blood bank staff he had told them that he had come to take some pictures in order to rectify a distorted news coverage by the media organization.

When asked him as to why he had come through the back door, the photojournalist had escaped from their grip, jumped over the wall of the hospital and escaped.

Dr. A. Manchnayaka of the blood bank had requested the staff complain to the National Hospital police unit.According to the doctors of the blood bank, a certain electronic media organization is trying to bring discredit to its functions.